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Trimming and Pruning

Making the Cut Tree Services prides itself on the ability and care of proper pruning techniques.  Having young trees freshly planted and letting them grow “wild” without having them structurally pruned by an arborist can lead to many health and integrity issues later in the life of your tree.  Codominant stems with weak branch unions can commonly result in large sections of that tree being dismantled in high winds as the tree grows. Losing the tree can be the least of your worries if that tree is near your home, vehicle or common area for your family or the public.  Having these codominant stems identified by an ISA Certified Arborist and removed when the tree is young is without question the best practice for not only the health, but also for the appearance of your trees. It is very important to the tree to know specifically which branches, limbs or leaders to keep or remove to ensure the tree grows old remaining strong and healthy.  Different species require different pruning techniques and our certified arborists are properly trained to care for your trees with the long term in mind.


As your trees grow older it is important to have a professional assess the trees to provide advise on interior crown thinning, deadwood pruning, weight reduction as crown raising. 

Crown thinning every few years (species depending) is recommended to ensure your tree gets proper sun penetration and wind passage. Having your trees too crowded on the interior will block proper sunlight to and through as well as having your canopy catching the wind like “a sail” causing broken branches or limbs, rather that allowing the high winds to pass through the canopy properly. 


Deadwood pruning is essential to the trees health, as well as a big plus for appearance. With a professional caring for your trees regularly and removing the natural deadwood at once and every few years it is less likely that you will be responsible for chasing dead sticks around your yard all year.


Weight reduction is highly recommended if your arborist spots weak branch unions or codominant stems that mostly result from lack of structural pruning earlier in it’s life.  By reducing the weight on these limbs or leaders it greatly reduces the opportunity for hazardous storm damage to your trees in high winds, rain and snow.


If your tree is encroaching onto your home, garage, driveway or any other area that it does not belong, doing a crown raise is highly recommended to alleviate your tree of the lateral low hanging branches or limbs to provide proper height and clearance from your person or structures.


There are countless reasons to care for your trees properly and reaching out to a professional is certainly recommended.  Our ISA Certified Arborists will provide you with a free assessment and consultation to recommend to you our professional advise to promote the best health, appearance, integrity and safety of the trees on your property.  Even if you choose not to contact the MTC Team, please be sure to contact a PROFESSIONAL and CERTIFIED ARBORIST for your advice on trimming or pruning.

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