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Stump Grinding

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Making the Cut Tree Services, LLC offers stump grinding of any size tree stump, anywhere in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine or Walworth Counties.  Stump grinding is certainly recommended after the removal of a tree for many reasons. After removing a tree that is diseased, whatever the tree was infected with can certainly remain in the stump risking the health of nearby trees.  Same goes with insects that are harmful to trees, it’s best to finish the job! Sucker growth is also common from stumps that are still taking in water and nutrients from the root system as well. Besides the fact that you can utilize the surface area after removing the stump, it may likely reduce constant work or the health of neighboring trees in your area.  Reach out to the MTC Crew for a free estimate on removal of your tree stumps.


Full restoration is also offered upon request.  Pending on the area the stump was located and your plans for that specific space on your property, it may be necessary to haul away all of the debris from the stump grinding and restore that area with topsoil and grass seed.  Please let us know if we can assist or if you would like some advice on this matter. 

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