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Storm Damage

Making the Cut Tree Services, LLC offers 24/7 storm damage assistance.  Unfortunately in the events of large storms including high winds things can get very dangerous.  It’s not uncommon at all for large limbs/leaders or even entire mature trees to end up on homes, cars, sheds, fences, etc.  Tackling these tree removal projects can be tricky to say the least and hiring a professional to handle it is recommended much more than we can put into words.  Understanding how load bearing sections act under pressure and respond to moving or cutting is crucial is the safe removal of these trees from whatever may be supporting the weight. There are hundreds if not thousands of videos of “tree work gone wrong” on the internet. We certainly recommend taking a gander on before attempting to tackle something dangerous yourself or hiring that “Half Price Harry tree service.” We offer an honest, professional consultation and estimate at no cost.   

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